Month: September 2019

How To Fix Your Worst Braiding Mistakes

Then, Santiago misted down Rachel's roots with water to make them more pliable. To give the braid more grip, she added a thickening mousse from tip to tip. You can try Thickening Full Form Mousse from Bumble and bumble. “The trick is to braid along the natural curve of your head,” Santiago said. “Keep the plait tight, and continue braiding down off your scalp once you run out of hair there.”

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7 Best Anti-Aging Essential Oils And How To Use

7 best anti-aging essential oils. these simple essential oils blends would help you get soft and smooth skin. These natural oils are perfect for using as a daily moisturizer. These oils give the required vitamin E and other essential vitamins to your skin. Click to learn how to use them in your daily skincare routine and get rid of wrinkles and fine lines in no time.

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